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The UnPlausibles


The UnPlausibles: A Creative Engagement Program is a workshop, aimed at 16-25 year-olds, exploring misinformation spread on social media.


During the workshop, we explore the architecture of social media; how it connects and divides us, and its broader impacts on the information ecosystem 



The UnPlausibles marries cyber-performance and participaoty theatre to creatively engage participants. 

A series of mockumentary shorts describe key issues surrounding online misinformation. The mockumentary features 5 clownish characters, with some unbelievable opinions.  


The Spectrum exercise allows the participants to explore the subject and their attitudes and opinions in a safe space.



In this exercise we discussed statements like: "The internet divides us" and "the internet connects us."

The Workshop

Does the internet have space for  nuance?

Reseach And Development

Has there always been FAKE NEWS?!

Knickers Theatre sat down with Misinformation Researcher, Tommy Shane  to discuss the origins of misinformation. Is it human nature? Or is it social media?

Think about how you might have information on a mass scale: 20 years ago? 100 years ago? 200 years ago? 400 years ago?

How about in 2022?

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